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Automatic Low Table Strapping Machine Model:FP STA-8060D

Product Description

● Automatic Operation Ideal For High Production Output and Ease of Operation

● Simple to Use - Minimal Operator Training

● Fast Warm-Up Time

● Sealing method - Heat Seal with Temperature Sealing Control

● By Robust, durable ,efficient.

● Lubrication free operation.

● Special strap guide system design allows for a wider range of straps, reducing cost.

● PLC controls.

● Auto re-feed function.

● Solid-state relay output system assures longer use life.

● Variable interval between cycles.

● Power belt tabletop and access transmission mechanism for easy maintenance.

● Instant heating, quick & secure strapping.

● For integration into conveyor system or as stand alone machine.

● FP STA series is ideally suited for large or heavy products.


FP STA -8060/D

Voltage (V/Hz)

AC 380/50 220/60 3Phase

Power (W)


Max. Strapping Size(L×H) (mm)


Strapping Speed(sec/cycle)


Strapping Force(V/Hz) (N)


Width of strap used(mm)

plastic strap 9-15,thickness 0.5-1.1

Height of Table (mm)


External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)


Net Weight (kg)