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Bag Solid-ink Coding Machine

Model: MY-380F/W  

Product Description

MY-380F/W machine fit for printing label on paper, thin cardboard, plastic film  and  aluminum foil. Adopt solid-ink coding, characterized by high definition, instant printing & instant dry, various colors selectable and strong adhesion. 

● Adopt photoelectric mechanism technology, featuring automatic temperature control, auto counting & adjustable print position.

● equip with wider work table.

● Adopt solid-ink coding with selectable color, featuring legible printing, instant printing-instant drying and strong adhesion.

● With dual-use print wheel, suitable for R type and T type arrangement.

● T type arrangement: 1-11 lines, 1-10 characters/Line; R type arrangement: 1-8 lines, 1-8 characters/Line.

● Aluminium baseframe, much stronger than the plastic one.

● Cantilevered structure. Tailor-made clutch, more precise and lower noise.

● Automatic counting and preset printing quantity.

● The machine is automatic, with high speed & high efficiency up to 300pcs/minute.





AC 220/50 110/60



Solid Ink Roller(mm)


Printing Speed(pcs(/min)


Object Size(mm)

L:50-550  W:30-300

Max. Printing Line

T type (10.5PT):11 lines(Max.10 characters/line)
     R type (10.5PT):8 lines(Max.11 characters/line)

Printing Size(mm)

Single side 60-250

Type Size(mm)

2.5×1.5(8PT)  2×2.5(9PT)  3×2(10.5PT)  5×2.5(18PT)

External Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)


Net Weight(Kg)