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Carton Packing Line

Model:FP APL-6

Product Description

The packaging line is composed of semiautomatic bottom flap carton sealer ,manual packaging automatic flap carton sealer and carton edge sealer process is used to achieves the flap carton sealer, manually filling the material then flap sealing to complete the I-shaped sealing; Programming program control, simple and compact structure; reduce personnel handling, improve production efficiency; can be designed into L-shaped or linear layout according to the customer's on-site needs. Folding Carton Sealing Machine + Edge Sealing machine can automatically converted cap, on both sides of the motor drive belt automatic correction, transport cartons, fast and smooth when sealing the boxes up and down, "one" type sealing, side assist raphe focus wheel assist machine when not crack sealing. Followed by the L-shaped corner push, fed into cartons corners edge sealing operations. When changes need to manually adjust the size of the carton size, only one minute to complete. Table height, width height carton self-regulation, simple and practical. Elegant and generous, with a blade guard, accidentally stabbed avoiding action. Mechanical solid and durable, long life. Fuselage comes with four high-strength brake wheel, transposition work is very convenient.

Procedure Diagram: