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Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

FP VPD -610S/2A

Product Description

They are easy to operate and move within your facility and also suitable for packing fresh meat, processed meat, seafood, agricultural products, pickled foods, vegetarian food, prepared food, powder, spices, cheese, electronic and hardware parts. It offers all the benefits with two separate chambers, with ONE control unit and lid. The machine represents the ultimate in flexibility and efficiency, product heights, tilted inserts, which . The sealing system delivers excellent results with all types of pouches and bags. Our vacuum chamber machines are engineered and built to be hygienic and easy to clean. Machines are also available with optional gas flushing equipment and a wide range of accessories.

● Maintain food’s freshness and flavor; antiseptic and mold resistant.

● Extend storage period of packed goods.

● Prevent electronic and hardware parts from rusting and dampening.

● Compress the packing size of textile, fabrics, cotton/wool products



FP VPD-610S/2A

Voltage (V/Hz)

AC 380/50 220/50 110/60

Motor power (W)


Sealing Power (W)


Ultimate Vacuum Pressure (Kpa)


Sealing Width (mm)

10 or 2×3

Chamber Dimension (L×W×H) (mm)


Vacuum Pump capacity (m3/h)


Material for Vacuum Chamber


External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)


Net Weight (Kg)