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The elegant way of pallet strapping                                

Strapping 50 pallets per day

with 2 strappings each

means for the operator exactly per year

          0  x times bending dow

  0  x times walking around the pallets

ErgoPack product range

             Ø  X-pert Line    
             Ø  Economy Line
             Ø  Air

          Special Equipment for X-pert Line and Economy Line

  • Triplex–Tool–Lift: The Triplex–Tool–Lift enables tensioning and sealing not only on the side of a pallet (side sealing), but also on the top (top sealing) without removing the sealing head from the Triplex–Tool–Lift.

  • Line–Laser: The Line–Laser indicates the distance and the alignment of the machine to the pallet, which simplifies the positioning of the machine in front of the pallet.

  • Reversing sledge: Reversing sledge 85S: Smaller version of the standard sledge. Minimum clearance width: 160mm. Reversing sledge 47: For strapping pallets of a minimum clearance height of 47mm.

  • Headpiece with bumper: For strapping pallets with lateral overlappings up to 40mm, e.g. cardboard covers or uneven side surfaces

  • Sealing head removable from the Triplex–Tool–Lift: If the strap needs to be tensioned and sealed in positions which cannot be reached by the Triplex–Tool–Lift, e.g. inside a mesh transport box or for horizontal strapping

  • Strap brake relief: The brake resistance of the strap coil can be reduced to 20% by simply pushing a foot pedal. Manually pulling out strap is a lot easier, especially for pallets of 1.2m and higher.

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