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Down- Paper Pillow Type Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine

Model:FP PW -250X

Product Description

Packaging is playing a vital role in increasing the marketability and improving the profitability of the companies. With the increasing geographical customer base companies are now focusing more on packaging than before as packaging not only improves the aesthetic value but also protects the product toil it reaches to the customer. Under these scenarios, the packaging market is increasing while positively influencing the packaging machinery market. Flow pack mechanism is primarily used for packaging of products from food and non-food market such as Cotton bandage packaging, cake packaging, detergent packaging, chocolate packaging, etc.

● The flow pack machine is automatic and mechanical machines.

● These machines can easily be digitized with a screen to control the manufacturing process.

● Flow pack machines are easy to operate and can be easily adjusted with various forms of the products.

● The machine operates at a continuous cycle.

● A plastic film reel is inserted into the machine then machine keeps wrapping and sealing the film around the product.



FP PW -250X

Voltage (V/Hz)

AC 220/50  220/60

Power (W)


Film Width (mm)


Length of Bag (mm)

65-190 Or 120-280

Width of Bag (mm)


Height for Product (mm)


Roll Film Diameter (mm)


Packaging Speed (bags/min)


External Dimensions(L×W×H) (mm)


Net Weight (kg)