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Special Batch Coder


To Mark Variable Information Like Batch No., Date Of Manufacturing, Exp. Date, Name & Address Of Consignor /Consignee, Product Name/Code Shipping Marks, Nett Weight /Gross Weight etc. On Porous (Absorbent) & Non-Porous (Non-Absorbent) Surfaces.


Cost Per Print Of Three Lines - 1.5 Paise to 2Paise


Within 30 Minutes of practice, any person can operate Flatex Batch Coder. 100% user-friendly as compared to Labeling, Hand Stamping, Handwriting &, Screen Printing. 


  • 100% value addition to TransportPackage.

  • Eliminates Stenciling, Handwriting,Hand Stamping, Screen Printing &Preprinting (to large extent).

  • Enormous saving compared toStenciling, Screen Printing &Preprinting.

  • Marks variable messages in 1.5Seconds Flat in a clear + legible + in aprint-like manner. 


Made of rubber moulded to form groovedstereos. Permutable combination of stereos provided in one set, which can take variety of markings. Stereos of 6mm, 8mm, 14mm & 25mm height available as options. Composite stereo strips and logo/monogram can be provided on specific order for easy changeover of messages. 


INKING: On stereos through non-messyspecially formulated Ink Rollers & Marking Inks are available in BLACK, RED, GREEN & VIOLET colours

RE-INKING OF INK ROLLERS: Ink Rollers can be charged by immersing the same for 30 Minutes inside a lidded container

SIDE SPRINGS: Ensures even pressure on rubber stereos, thus ensures clear/accurate marking

ADJUSTABLE ECCENTRIC KNOB: Ensures even contact with the stereos on the marker, thus ensuring clear /accurate marking

HANDLE: Made of high impact plastic, the profile of the handle has been specifically designed to suit long manhours of use.

MARKING INK: Available in 1 Ltr. & 5 Ltr. Packing